4 thoughts on “The Mustang Horse – Free Spirit of The Southwest

  1. Yes Nick ,
    Freedom … running for FREEDOM and their OWN home which “BLM” is taking from them … Horses have a History of 45,000,000 years on the Mother Earth, and Only in north America the population of Wild and Domestic horse in 1905 was 21,000,000 …. where did they all GO i wounder?
    would there be any left by this time next year ?
    Americans are Losing their History from my point of view , they should do something about this and time is so much Crucial

    Take Care,

  2. I agree the Wild Mustangs need to be protected, now and forever. There is so much politics involved, with regards who’s really after the land and such. More people need to join together, not just for the horses, but for the land and everything and everybody who live on it.

    Also, I love the story of Hidalgo. I was thinking when I saw the above clip, when he (I forget his name) lets Hidalgo go–and I tear up, ’cause it’s beautiful–that I appreciate the fact that I am able to feel the beauty of that. I sincerely feel sad for those cold-hearted folks who can’t feel or don’t see the beauty in that.

    I love your blogs!
    Take care too!

  3. Very beautifully done, and thank you for mentioning me in a post so that I could see this! I have one question about the film Hildago (yes, I wonder about the things I don’t know), the moment that Hildago was released back into the wild – of course the horses were galloping – but unnaturally. I did not like that part because from the view of the horses, they had to be in a helicopter. I HATE HELICOPTERS! Then, you remember seeing foals galloping. I just had a real bad PTSD feeling like I was having to experience the same feeling while the helicopter got that shot from the air – “Oh, no, here we go again” feeling. There were quite a few horses in that clip galloping…beautiful, and yes, I appreciate your work. Your site page is very informative – and YES! WE ARE ONE, WE HAVE TO STAY TOGETHER AND **PROTECT** ONE ANOTHER at all costs and regardless of what people might think. We can not allow anything to divide us; faith has to keep us together. I refuse to have to defend every horse site that I visit when I know that site is a very good site; and if there is competition between the sites it distracts from what we are trying to accomplish. I don’t agree that horses are feral. But, does that stop me from standing with you to stop HORSE SLAUGHTER or HELICOPTER ROUNDUPS or and ABUSE TOWARDS HORSES AND BURROS? NEVER! I will protect you just like anyone else. I came to these wonderful knowledgeable sites via The Cloud Foundation. Cloud brought me here, and no matter what happens, Cloud will be the one to see the accomplishments that I do; I support ALL OF YOU! I AM ONLY A DATA BASE, NOTHING MORE! WITH CHILDREN WHO ARE VERY IMPRESSIONABLE AND OF TENDER HEARTS, JUST LIKE YOURS, MY LITTLE SISTERS. God bless you all, and thank you for your wonderful work and steadfast hearts! ~jb

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