Did You Ever Wonder Why the D.O.I. and the B.L.M. are Destroying the Wild Horse Herds of America?


horses218The Department of  Interior, headed by Ken Salazar, is proposing a Large Solar Development in the Mojave Desert.  The Mojave Desert is known by scientists to be one of the last remaining  In-Tact  Eco-systems in the American Southwest; and they are giving shocking projections of Mass Extinctions which the Solar Development proposed by D.O.I. will cause.

The Wild Mustangs are under seige.  Some of the herds have been completely eliminated.  There are now more mustangs in Federal Holding Pens than there are on the Range.  According to President George  Bush, there are ENORMOUS reserves of oil in the Western States.  Has the American Government turned it’s back on the Symbol of American Freedom?

Bush, Oil, and Wild Horses


Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Department of Interior, says that the Department of Interior and the Bureau of Land Management have the Leading Role in meeting one of our nations most urgent priorities – that of promoting development of renewable energy in support of  the President’s  New Energy For America Initiative.  Is this why President Obama will not answer the hundreds of thousands of emails, faxes, letters and phone calls directed to his office regarding the Wild Horse Roundups?

New Energy For America


Why is the U.S. Government so INSISTENT on getting the wild horses off Public Land, despite the outcry against the wild horse roundups that has reached a national level?

Wild Horses Killed to Make Cheaper Route For Gas Pipeline?


Considering the videos shown above, what could be the possible reasons for the Deadly Roundups of America’s Wild Horses?







16 thoughts on “Did You Ever Wonder Why the D.O.I. and the B.L.M. are Destroying the Wild Horse Herds of America?

  1. The BLM and DOI keep talking about ‘renewable resources’ … How will the horses be ‘renewable” when they’re gone? I can see how this might sound like good ideas to an energy-scared public, but at what cost will everyone have to pay and does this have to be an all or nothing situation? And still, none of this addresses how the BLM is mishandling, and hurting the wild horses and burros. Where is the science to support their decisions?

    • Hi kariLenning ,
      Yes they keep talking about things that are not true to keep the Public away from the reality , why Cattle could live in public lands and Wild Horse couldn’t ?
      There is nothing to support what they are doing so many scientist disagreed with the Wild Horse Roundups …
      Roundups have no logic what so ever just hurting the poor horses and their families .
      BLM is really Mishandling the land and wild horse and burros .
      thank you for your comment ,
      Take care .


    • Dearest Sarah ,
      I wish i never had to share these with no one , Never had the intentions of making others hurt or cry ….
      We must fight and Cry , that way at least we would ease our pains …
      I am sorry ….
      Take Care

  3. Actually, I heard that the US has very little oil reserves. They cannot allow individuals to have their own solar panels–they want to monopolize energy production so they make all the money.
    We have to stop them by letting them know we don’t fall fro their BS.
    Please watch What in the World are They Spraying? if you want to know the full scope of the evil we are dealing with.


    Nothing will survive if we don’t stop this.

    Thanks for the article.

  4. Who does the BLM think they are kidding?? For “the good of the Horses”…for the good of lining their pocket books!!!
    They could care less about the horses, if so they would not treat them reckless, and inhuman way that they do!! It makes me sick, to see these beautiful Horses chased by helicopters,,,they become lame, trampled to death, and the fouls…OMG…All of this is greed, and sick way to make money!!! I am ashamed of our so called government!!
    God Bless Our Beautiful Mustangs!!

  5. I know most of you won’t want to hear what I have to say, but…

    Cattle spend a very LIMITED amount of time on the land. Ranchers do not like the BLM anymore than wild horse advocates, surprisingly.

    I know you’re hearing a lot of noise to the contrary, but the horses will destroy the landscape before any other animal that is out there simply because of the way that they graze (teeth on top and bottom, and they’ll rip short grass out by the roots) and due to their hooves. All other animals out there are cloven hooved and only have bottom teeth; they do considerably less damage. I’ve owned ruminants along with horses (all mustangs), and the horses did far more damage.

    Most people tend to concentrate on cattle, but deer, antelope, elk and a multitude of other species are out on the ranges as well and also need to be taken into consideration.

    I will admit to not being completely familiar with other states, but when you’re talking about Oregon and herds that have been zeroed out, I do have some knowledge. Take the Coyote Lakes and Alvord Tulle HMAs. They used to count them as two, but they were so close together that the horses began running back and forth together. They are now classified as one HMA. Same thing happened with Sheepshead. So there are 2 HMAs on record as having disappeared, but in fact they have only been combined. But over the years the same number of horses have been out there…2500-3000.

    Something else that many people do not realize is that those who work at your local BLM agencies often adopt these horses as their own personal mounts. They’re not in it to destroy the horses, but to help protect them. Think about it for a minute…who would you rather have working in the trenches? People who would prefer the horses be dog food? Or people who truly care about their welfare? I’ve heard people say that all BLM employees must hate mustangs or they wouldn’t work there. Yet I know one wrangler who just adopted a 16 year old mustang that was found at the auction yard and headed for slaughter. He wasn’t broke to ride, but now he helps out at the corrals…she calls him her 16 year old colt. Want photos? I’ve got ’em 🙂

    I know this is wordy and I probably won’t change a single opinion, but I really hope that I’ve at least given some folks cause for thought. I am not a BLM employee, nor am I in their ‘pocket’ as I’ve been accused. I do not trust Salazaar any more than the rest of you, but I know know that damage is done to the land and that some horses come in terribly thin…truly, terribly thin, and it’s not just those who are old. Got pictures of those, too 😦

  6. I can see removing those with genetic problems that would further damage the herds of otherwise well established healthy animals. Other than that; There is no point in removing thousands of horses at a go. If our government was worried about the welfare of these animals, they would seed large areas rather than remove the animals. As for the oil…. those oil companies grab up land and take out grants, never drilling on a lot of the land they hold. The BLM is SUPPOSED to be there to protect that land and the wild animals that live there. Handing it over to major oil companies is pure stupidity. Between these people and PETA, you will be hard pressed to even find a pet let alone a wild animal in another 50 years if they have anything to say about it. It’s a shame that humans feel they must destroy what was given to them by our creator.

  7. Medeleine Pickens has an eco sanctuary ready to accept these horses and give them a permanent home. If the BLM are not in it to destroy the horses, but to help protect them, why do the BLM continue to reject Madeleine’s offer?

  8. Desperate Housewife has it wrong on the teeth scenario. Horses are have upper front teeth and cattle do not. In fact all ruminants except camel do not have upper front teeth. Without upper front teeth, ruminants/cattle use their tongue to push the vegetation against their top bar and then PULL to break it. Horses actually mow since they have teeth. Depending on soil and plant conditions it is cattle who can rip the plants out by the roots.

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