Horses Never Forget – Wild Family Reunited

Horses Never Forget – Courtesy of American Wild Horse Preservation

Wild Horse Families are Reunited.  American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign.

The Stallions Arrive…..This week, the two magnificent mustang stallions  were delivered to Return to Freedom’s (RTF’s) care from a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) holding facility at Gunniston Prison in Utah. Special thanks goes out to the kind volunteers who generously donated their time and effort to transport these two mustangs back to their home state of Nevada.

With the arrival of Galahad and Silver King, RTF’s rescue effort, which is reuniting three wild horse families that were shattered in BLM’s Silver King Roundup, is nearly complete.

Galahad seeing HIS Mare and Foal for the first time in 3 months.

Video Courtesy of Laura Leigh


Please read the complete coverage of the Family Reunion HERE.



Editor’s Note: Horses Never Forget.  But when we punish them they still forgive us.  Isn’t it Wonderful?  The Power of Forgiveness in Horses, of which Humans seem to be Incapable.  Horses Never Forget, but they do forgive.

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3 thoughts on “Horses Never Forget – Wild Family Reunited

  1. Bless you and all who are a voice for Animals.
    teach the next generation empathy for all living things, they all have a right to share this earth with us and to be respected by us , it wont happen in our lifetimes sadly.

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