Wild Horses Remember the Ancient Wisdom & Knowledge



Photo Courtesy of Mark Carroll

‘The Wild Horses of Newbury’ was shot very early on a single morning in February 1997. The whole episode only lasted a few minutes.. nothing was staged. The bypass security guards and police had circled two very old Oak trees and were preparing to chop them down, when two scruffy, seemingly wild horses appeared and began to interfere with the felling.  One of the horses even confronted one of the police horses….. It was a very magical moment.

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11 thoughts on “Wild Horses Remember the Ancient Wisdom & Knowledge

  1. We the Cave Dwellers took over their Home , we lived for Millions of years inside the Caves and they were the ones whom lived in the open lands and sheltered under those trees , we destroyed their home and still destroying ,
    Now the BLM has began to destroy them , the Wild Horses too.
    That is what the HUMAN does , to “DESTROY” our mother EARTH .

  2. Wow – now that’s a video worth watching PH. Just what is going on in the minds of those horses? Thank you for sharing. Bx

    • Dear Brenda,
      Their Home and Shelter broke into pieces, the moment the tree hit the ground , they heard it from the vibration of the earth into the hoofs to the Middle Ear into the brain , so the sound traveled and brought the bad news of their broken shelter, their broken home , so they came and they were as angry as us when we lose our home from an earth quake or Tsunami , they were sad upset and angry ,
      bless their heart .

  3. This was a very sad story all the horses wanted to do is protect their tree.They did a good job of showing their objection to it being felled.

  4. This a beautiful, sad documentation of human destruction. So So touching – the two horses who came and protested in their way the killing of the trees. So touching to see the people sitting on the felled tree mourning. I love trees, always have since I can think back.
    I hope the English will protect their forests and protest the felling of each and every tree – ESPECIALLY those very old ones.
    The Bishnoi in India protect their trees with their lives. They understand their importance and their sacredness.

    Bright Blessings

  5. Sadly, it is not just “England, what has become of you?” It is everywhere, all around us, we humans are destroying this beautiful planet. When the animals & the trees, & the oceans are gone, or dead, we will soon follow. Without them the earth will die. I cry for our children, I cry for our earth & all life that call her home.

  6. Yes I agree, the destruction of earthlings and our planet is so depressing that I sometimes wonder if I’ll be able to handle it. GOD help us.

  7. Wow some creepy music and sappy narration and it gets everyone all worked up…the horse heard the commotion and came to see what was going on. Sad they cut down trees when not needed yes but is it even stated why the trees were taken down…that was just over the top dramatic

  8. Very nice video. It is a very sad thing to see the big old ones come down. I hate to see trees cut. You can call me a tree hugger anytime. I am proud of it.

  9. I’m a tree lover too, having spent a good part of my childhood playing outdoors among them. I did feel their spirit. I feel your sadness.

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