International Protest for Wild Horse Massacre – Please Sign Petition


Beautiful Wild Horses in Romania Before the Massacre

Happy Days of Freedom, Before the Massacre


These horses are born in the wild, in the Letea oak forest of the Danube Delta, have no owner and are protected by European Union and international law. Yet, local Tulcea officials have grossly and illegally overstepped their authority in waging a blood bath war on these animals thereby enraging the international community. News of the corrupt and bloody acts against these wild horses has traveled across the world and spanned continents. Today we, the international community, stand together in demanding that the shocking assault on these horses be immediately addressed.






The Cruel Massacre




23 thoughts on “International Protest for Wild Horse Massacre – Please Sign Petition

  1. Shame on this country and the entire continent of Europe who sees horses as “dinner”. I don’t know if these unfortunate horses will end up in a French restaurant but please appeal to the European community to step in and stop this

  2. I would sign a million petitions to have this barbaric cruelty end. Thank you for being The Persian Horse Blog. all available petitions are sign.

  3. SHAME on your country!!!! and the barbaric ignorance behind this unbelievable torment….May you soul NEVER rest!!! A nationa moral progress is judged by the treatment of their animals….My heart breaks for what these beautiful ceatures endured!!!
    We will continue to fight for your voice & for your honor!!

    God bless the animal rights community, keep signing guys!!! 😥 ❤


  5. Are these disturbing reports and images feeding anything positive at all? These brutal human beings are surely not unlike those who work at processing the animals you all eat.

    • Hi Jenny, I hear you – as disturbing as these barbaric images are – I very much believe that the exposure creates more & more awareness, every signature signed on petitions – to get in the governments face, and even if it encourages just 1 more person a day, to reject the meat Industry, and b accountable as consumers.

      I totally hear you (believe me) I am vegan also, & it drives me insane to see the ignorance of the consumers who choose t remaindetached to the suffering :-(.

      I also agree, that all slaughter houses should have glass walls — maybe then people will wake up?! I just finished a TV episode on animal rights, & it just belw my mind to see the audience make the onnection when they watched the horrific footage….they may not stop being meat-eaters, but I hope it has got them thinking!!

      Best thoughts,

  6. I never thought that this countries people would do this to the horses that basically did for them what they could not do for themselves…sure you think that this is one way to get back at the countries first living people LOVES. Give horses a chance, like you THEY don’t kill you in order to feed THEIR families..I have been blind to all of this, but not no more..

  7. Oh my God, my heart is breaking, and my eyes are swollen from crying at this horrific satanic scene from hell. These people inflicting this horendous cruelty on these poor innocent horses are Satan in human form. No decent human being would ever be capable of such barbaric cruelty, only those with real evil in them could do this. One day they will each suffer dearly for their cruelty…WHERE IS THE EUROPEAN UNION? WHY DO THEY ALLOW THIS HOLOCAUST ON OUR BELOVED HORSES? are they asleep? I THINK SO, as I have contacted many of them, many times regarding animal cruelty issuses, and not one person EVER acknowledged my letters, or emails. It would seem that they could not care less!….How sad is that? I speak out for our friends the animals who have no voice, and suffer horrendously at the hands of the lowest, most despicable,most disgusting form of life on earth…….the human abuser! I am deeply saddened, I am so angry at those in power who do NOTHING, I am in mourning for the suffering of these poor horses…All those who care please do all in your power to end this carnage

  8. Irgendwann werden diese Monster von einer höheren Macht zur Rechenschaft gezogen werden , was sie diesen armen Tieren angetan haben ! Ich wünsche niemandem etwas Schlechtes , doch sie sollen für diese Taten alle büssen !!!

  9. poor creatures. this is so sickening and at the same time heart rendering. anyone involved in this bloody scheme i pray they suffer excrutiating pain from eating horsemeat and nothing but evil and torture enters their worthless lives.

  10. I don’t know why animal rights think that a spotted owl or a red toed frog is much more important than the mustang which is so much a part of our heritage. You can go back almost to the boston tea party and see how much the horse means to us. I do wish more people would really open there eyes to see what is going on in our great country. All the land that is under BLM was meant to be preserved for us now and our future family members. Please stop this from happening I for one love seeing the Mustangs run free and letting nature take its course. Please stop this craziness and leave them be. I would like to show my grandchildren what a wild horse really looks like…

  11. I am shocked that people would do this to any horse from any country. What in the world has happend to cause such suffering to them? How did we let this happen to them and how are we going to stop this from continuing to happen to the innocent animals. It breaks my heart.

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