Ban Pin Firing on Horses in the United States ~ Action Alert.

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I have said this before and I will say it again (and you may quote me). If you think pin firing is a good idea, stick a few red-hot pokers several times into an extremely sore portion of your own anatomy and then slap on a substance that causes a severe burning sensation. If you still feel it is a good idea, then go ahead and pin fire your horse.

Pin firing is the treatment of an injury to a horse’s leg, by burning, freezing, or dousing it with acid or caustic chemicals. This is supposed to induce a counter-irritation and speed and/or improve healing. This treatment is used more often on  than on other performance horses. It is sometimes used in the treatment of bucked shins or splint, curb, or chronic  There was also the theory that it would “toughen” the leg of the horse. This treatment is prevalent in equine  books published in the early 20th century; however many present-day veterinarians and horse owners consider it barbaric and a cruel form of treatment. It is not generally taught in veterinary schools today.

CLICK HERE to Sign Petition to Ban PinFiring in the United States.



3 thoughts on “Ban Pin Firing on Horses in the United States ~ Action Alert.

  1. Well, I don’t know what to say anymore… The USA allows horrible things… bad treatment on horses – called training or this spin firing, killing millions of pets every year and even childrens work in the South of the USA. That really makes me speechless – I thought you are a civilized country???

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