Foal Sushi Anyone? ~ Live Export of Horses from Canada to JAPAN (To Be Slaughtered)



Basashi or Horse Meat Sushi

While horses have become a gentle companion and even pets to many people in most countries of the world, they have become so much a part of the Japanese cuisine.

In Japan, people eat basashi or raw horse meat cut in thin slices.

Basashi appears pink and is affectionately called sakura, referring to the well-loved Japanese flower cherry blossoms that are also pink in color.

Horse meat has become so popular in Japan that many people eat it in izakaya, Japanese-style drinking restaurants that are everywhere the country.

It is eaten as yakiniku or barbecue, as an ice cream, as a dessert, and even has canned versions.


persianhorsesushi2Per Anti-Horse-Slaughter Advocate ~  FINALLY EXPOSED!!! It has been said that the Japanese prefer Draft Horse Meat, that they buy from specific ranchers/dealers who specifically raise them in California and else where for sale to the Japanese, they purchase about 700 of these foals a year, raise them like Kobe Beef and then sell the meat as an expensive delicacy.

Yes, Horse Slaughter is Illegal in California; however, TRANSPORT of Horses to Slaughter to any destination on the planet from California is not Illegal.  Another Anti-Horse-Slaughter Advocate says  If they are raising them for slaughter in CA, they can be prosecuted. Let’s do some research and find out WHICH Breeding Farms are raising these horses for Sushi, and if it is, indeed, illegal to transport out of state for slaughter.


70 thoughts on “Foal Sushi Anyone? ~ Live Export of Horses from Canada to JAPAN (To Be Slaughtered)

  1. I am afraid to watch much horror lays in my heart and mind. This is so barbaric what happens to our beloved horses. The 1/2 humans who do this horrific acts, shd be punished. They are lower than terrorists!!! We sign and sign petitions to end this, and rarely get updates on the effects it holds in stopping these lowly, “walking flesh” bas…ds that feel nothing for life!!!!!

      • SHAWN – Be informed – Horse meat is illegal in dog food because it caused seizures and deaths to cats and dogs. Horsemeat is toxic and contains known poisons that cause blood cancers in children because of their small size, the cancers develope much sooner than in adults. The EU bought mystery beef which was in fact sold by Black Market Meat Mafia to the Irish school children in their lunches for the past known 5 years. The American horses are slaughtered in Mexico and Canada – sold to Belgium and France and SURPRISE – shows up as tested as equine DNA in Aldi’s – Trader Joes- Burger King – Akai Swedish Meatballs ………Dog food is the beef by products of human consumption of slaughtered beef supposedly …now China – that’s another story – Rat Poison in Baby Formula to test higher in protein? Drowning 600,000 pigs in a river? The only way to STOP this is to BAN the EXPORT OF EQUINES and shut down the supply chain for this illegal, unethical and sacrilegious slaughter of horses.

      • Regardless as to what animal eats what in the way of feed- I am a vegetarian on principle so are my cats & dogs- would you expect to go on a journey & not be able to sit down for 24 hrs I think not how about food & drink again I think not not -whilst I understand fundamentally that we cannot keep all equines bovines & other animals alive indefinatly as there would not be the space or food to do so-i also understand that people will never give up eating meat of any description as is their right to do soI have to question why they have to be treated this way – why if they are going to be slaughtered can they not be so within the country of origin that to my mind is a far more humane solution at least then the welfare can be monitored & administered after all when most animals are slaughtered there has to be a hanging time for the meat to relax so within that time scale ‘THE MEAT’ can be hung whilst being shipped .

      • I want to help to catch the bastards! Is there a coordinated effort or do I need to snoop on my own?

      • Hey jerk I don’t eat meat and my dogs don’t eat horse bc I cook for them. Get off this page if you aren’t here to help these babies (literally). Who do you think you are trying to bully someone on this thread? Come on BIG boy let a real man take you on AH!

  2. What is the world coming to…….eating baby foals…..horses……why ???? Horses won us wars…help the sick…are our companions…so sick and evil……..

  3. California:
    Prohibition of Horse Slaughter and Sale of Horsemeat for Human Consumption Act of 1998

    Prohibits any person from possessing, transferring, receiving or holding any horse, pony, burro or mule with intent to kill it or have it killed, where the person knows or should know that any part of the animal will be used for human consumption. Provides that a violation constitutes a felony offense. Also adds a provision making the sale of horsemeat for human consumption a misdemeanor offense, with subsequent violations punished as felonies.

  4. This is beyond the worst horror that I could ever imagine!!! Isn’t there a line to be drawn?
    These people involved in this uncomprehensable acts should suffer without end!!!!

  5. Text of California Prop 6. this states in part: “(b) To prohibit the slaughter of California horses to be used for food for human consumption.” and “598c. (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, it is unlawful for any person to possess, to import into or export from the state, or to sell, buy, give away, hold, or accept any horse with the intent of killing, or having another kill, that horse, if that person knows or should have known that any part of that horse will be used for human consumption.” That makes it pretty clear. If a horse originates in California it is against the law to slaughter it no matter where you send it. It cannot be slaughtered in CA nor transported anywhere else. Now, unfortunately, there are 2 things wrong with this law 1) they labelled it a misdemeanor even with a subsequent violation 2) not ONE DAMN PERSON HAS EVER BEEN CHARGED UNDER THIS LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve asked many people who move horses out of state either for show purposes or to their out of state ranches. They tell me half the time they are not asked where the horses are headed or why, they are not asked for their paperwork (and we all know how accurate kb’s paperwork is). With this law you could paint an elephant to resemble a horse and still no one would ask questions. Why the hell did we pass this law? Every time Prop 6 is even mentioned my head explodes, flames shoot out my eyes and I want to kick a hole in the wall.

  6. It makes me sad to see this horrible treatment of our wonderful companions! the ones doing this are difinately low lifes that only care about the money! what sickos dream up the crap that certain parts of animals help their libido! they are mental crazies!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The Japanese consumer really needs to be educated AWAY from the consumption of “exotic” meats – whale meat and horse meat come to mind as paramount! As long as the culture says it’s ok, all the whining we foreigners do will serve no purpose…

  8. I have said this many times that this is just what these so called breeders have had up their sleeves all along. it looks like Japan has replaced whale meat with horse meat. I hope they pay a heavy price for it in regards to their health. The bad part is I doubt the foals will be given any medications at all even if they need it. These cruel crooks don’t want anything rocking their boat. Has any of the breeders been Identified in California? After all they are breaking the law.

  9. All of us can count on the fact that there will be more people breeding for slaughter if they can make any money on it at all. What a sad state of affairs and this is all because of H.R.2966 and S.1176 not being passed.

  10. Somehow we need to outlaw ALL breeding in this country, or at the very least make it very difficult to get a license!! I am talking about horse breeders, dog breeders, puppy mills, cat breeders–ALL of them! OMG we are living in the 21st century!

  11. this is beyond awful and so so sad, yes, but I hope everyone who campaigns is also vegetarian or vegan? It is wonderful to care for the welfare of horses but at the same time unfair and quite literally insane to care about horses being eaten and not other animals who also suffer. Pigs, cows, sheep, lambs…all intelligent and emotional like horses, how are they any different? We need to make the connection and treat them all well. This is only to raise awareness, not to make anyone feel guilty. I don’t think most of us put it together as we’re all so brain washed that only “companion” animals suffer.

  12. I didn’t watch the video I was afraid of what I might see. If it is really haunting it will haunt me for a very long time. Are these foals raised or are they killed as foals? It is more comforting when people are vegetarians then nothing dies.

  13. I know of a woman in Alberta who has a ranch where she runs a herd of about 250 Percherons. Every year hundreds of her horses’ yearling foals are shipped to Japan for slaughter.

    • Wow, that is sad! I have seen lots of people who just make a buck. Some animals in this country are commodities. Cows, sheep, pigs and so on. We in America do not eat horses. The kill buyers in. The states who ship to Mexico and Canada, may be harming the people who eat them. The drugs used for TB to runs and horses who are sick could hurt the consumer. The people how ever that raise stock for consumption in Japan know the rules. The the Japanese refuse to stop hunting whales. They do not have the land to raise the animal protein they want to eat, so someone will sell it no matter what. If Canada wants to sell horses to Japan raise them in Canada and stop taking horses from America. Problem solved. This market is very offensive for a lot of people. Not just horse people I feel we are being lied to by the people who are supposed to be monitoring these transactions. Having flown the long distances that the horses have to tolerate, the transport team sucks. Temple Grandin is responsible for 50 percent of of the slaughterhouse delivery systems in the US. Her motto is, “they should not be frightened” and her designs make a difference for the animal. I hate that these things are happening, and by the way, I was tricked into eating horse meat in France when I was 17, I did not like the texture and I thought it was too sweet. When I found out it was not beef I was horrified. I am now 60 years old, I still feel the same way.

    • A disrespectfull way to make a living…hopes she drowns in horse blood…I would do without before I supported the pro-slaughterphiles which lust after horseflesh in Alberta..The Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada licks their lips and have had many years of silence to support this abomination…they have no conscience…no morals…and greedy wallets…but since this has come to light more and more people realize that they are just plain EVIL…anyone that transports their horses to the HorseSlaughterHellHouse in Fort MacLeod, Alberta is very low on the totem pole when it comes to the welfare of horses…wild or domestic…In Dec. 2012 the ERSD sold 216 horse capture permits which were snapped up by trappers and kill buyers…and they all ended up at Fort MacLeod…I resent this…these free-roaming wildhorses belong to all of us Albertans and our Government is no better than the Bureau of Land Management in the US…anything for a buck and a vote and a patronage reward…..I am sick of the politics that allows this to happen…we have less than 1000 wildhorses in Alberta and well over 33,000 elk. Leave the magnificent horses ALONE..already…I abhore the shipments of live horses out of Calgary, end up a foal sushi in Japan.. those people .also eat dogs and cats, probably rats, and frogs…and any living thing that moves…SICK…sick…sick

  14. I remember my parents years ago talking about Radio . One particular show started with the words ====WHO KNOWS WHAT EVIL LIES [LURKES not sure ] IN THE HEARTS OF MEN ==THE SHADOW KNOWS !!
    I believe the Shadow of Man is now showing its Ugly, Demented, diseased soul , one in which nothing sacred is protected , where the lives of creatures futures hang in the balance . We have lost our perspective , lives of Animals as well as Humans are not even given a moments thought . We are thoughtless murderers of Baby Horses , even though its not practiced here, we are the perpetrators of Horse breeding, and selling for meat . Its amazing to think of the Equine as a commodity , this is the Animal who built our Country ==We have no obligations nor shame, we have turned our back on our beloved friends – companions . I feel this way about Cows, Pigs, Sheep, Chickens, Goats etc , these poor Animals are disregarded and are a daily practice of everyday American MuRdEr

  15. Looks yummy:) The UK has been shipping their cull foals to France as ‘veal’ for years. Get over it! Better than having them starving to death because there is no slaughter here in the US. Haven’t any of you heard there was a severe drought this year and hay can’t be found? Reality sucks, buck up!

    • wow – why would you post something so obviously opposite the opinions on this website? Obviously have nothing better to do – Karma will come around to you, MS Kelsey – you are a BIT**!!!!!! You must be one lonely human being….

      • Kelsey you and many like you are the reason this is earth is suffering and running ramped with animal suffering NO responsibility!!!! Poor excuse for a drought why can’t animal owners be fully conscious of their actions and STOP turning horses out like puppy mills or meat factories and then discard hem like garbage. I can see you have a cruel streak in you.

    • Doris, you’re an idiot. To many, humans look yummy, and there are FAR TOO MANY HUMANS. So Doris, should we slaughter them and make sushi? There are lots of starving, homeless,miserable humans, so according to your logic, it’s better to slaughter and eat the starving, excess humans than let them suffer, right? Doris, you’re a moron with no heart and soul. Why don’t you donate your body and family to feed the world! Buck up Doris.


    • I don’t know if you have horses or not but I do and I manage to find hay. There was a drought, yes, but there is still lots of hay. The hay farmers manage to yank up their prices so high. So you need to get your facts straight, there is hay. But my horses are family and they are not going anywhere but where I go. Causing animals to suffer is a horrible thing. I am vegetarian, no animal has to die to keep me alive. We were not even made to eat animals and the Bible says not to eat horse. Wow, those are hard facts to take.. But I think about cattle, goats, sheep, chickens and any other animal that people eat and how much they suffer in the hands of men.

      • Right there with you Amy. I have been vegetarian for over 40 years and I am in much better shape than most people my age. I don’t know many vegetarians so I cannot really speak for others, but know I am living proof that human beings do not need to eat meat to survive. On the contrary, most people I know who eat meat have a lot of health issues. There is a mindset that has to change. People hate change. People are extremely self-centered, self-indulgent and have trained themselves to find very unhealthy “foods” desirable, most of which should never be called food.

  16. *sighs deeply* A Canadian disgrace! I’m tired of being a ‘nice guy’ (well I am after all an opinionated, outspoken, misanthropic old curmudgeon anyway)! My hope is that the ghouls and monsters that inhabit and support this industry experience the same misery and suffering that they inflict on the ‘innocents’! They have earned themselves nothing less than a ‘special hell’ for their disgusting ignorant, arrogant, speciesist behaviors and practices…

    ~”What do they know – all these scholars, all these philosophers, all the leaders of the world? They have convinced themselves that man, the worst transgressor of all the species, is the crown of creation. All other creatures were created merely to provide him with food, pelts, to be tormented, exterminated. In relation to them, all people are Nazis; for the animals it is an eternal Treblinka.” – Isaac Bashevis Singer, 1978 Nobel Prize Winner~

    • True. Man has to inflate his ego by convincing himself that he has to eat meat, kill and provide for his family as if he was some incredible hunter. Men are always stroking their ego’s with hunting, sports, sex, whatever makes them feel they have what it takes to feel superior to others. Killing innocent beings that trust you, using women, taking advantage of others does not make you superior. It makes you an unfeeling, desensitized, greedy, opportunistic inhumane being. I am always amazed and grateful when I witness men who put others before themselves, respect and honor other living beings and who prove that there are still people who have a conscience and care by their actions. It gives me so much hope for the rest of humanity.

  17. This is heartbreaking and disgusting.. what evil *(&(*&*(&(* putting the horses through this.. i dont even want to imagine what the fate of these poor souls is and how they are treated in Japan!.. dogs, cats, horses… whats next on their menu??? children?? it honestly wouldn’t suprise me from their human and animal rights in that part of the world! I agree to what has been said already.. we live in a world which has gone crazy.. where profits and money comes before compassion. and to Kelsey.. for the droughts and lack of hay.. howabout the problem is that these farmers continuously breed and reproduce thinking they will make mega bucks.. and then complain that they cant feed the animals when nature goes against them.

    How about stopping breeding and finding another way of making money instead of exploiting animals and putting them through this abuse?? No one forces these “farmers” to breed so many horses and then complain when there is no hay to feed them and no-one wants to buy them.. its all about greed!..

  18. Ask most PSA’s and they will deny foals go to slaughter, I know I have dealt with such idiots.

    If it is illegal than attention must be brought to light via media of how this country passes laws but some people get away with breaking them. Remember it is a voting year LOL

  19. enough is enough we need education worldwide of the premarin farms and the dangers of taking the premarin drug and the risks involved – one of the keys to this is the medical education of drs and politicians and women worldwide. Please stand together in sisters in arms to educate out folk – we must bring and end to this barbaric behaviour – we have to stop it once and for all. Please please help – do what you can if only a little.

  20. Thank you for sharing this information enough is enough. People have to read and understand this is really happening and awareness makes change. First we have to be brave enough to read what is happening to Americas horses, donkeys and mules. I am sharing on my blog and FB in a hope people will read and start signing the bill to stop this in the United States Congress. Melody

  21. What is going to stop excess breeding is that the American Quarter Horse Association fights for horse slaughter because they love to have excesive breeding because of registration fees. The sister company American Paint Horse Association and the thoroughbred indestrey supports slaughter and excessive breeding for registration fees. These are the companies with big bucks for fighting for slaughter. Here is a lot of your answers for the biggest fighters for horse slaughter. We need to stop this excess breeding, lets not let our equine friends go to slaughter anymore in any country.

  22. If they prefer Draft horses, they are probably buying Premarin Foals. Pre+pregnant, Mar=mare. in=urine.Premarin is a popular birth-control pill made by Pfizer. The mares are kept pregnant and their foals are taken away and killed or sold. They are half Quarter horse and half -Draft, hence they are meaty. The mares are then kept in stall , they cannot turn around in, with a bag glued to their backside to collect the urine, of course it burns and irritates them. Pfizer’s Lobbyist Dr. Tom Lenz, wrote the book ‘The Unwanted Horse.” Pfizer admits they want to create a “preferred Breed” of horse, strictly for SLAUGHTER!! So, if you know ANYONE on Premarin , tell them to get off of it and go to a synthetic.

  23. I believe the video is from the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition, and was filmed in Canada, not California. Maybe they confused the CA meaning canada for California. Either way it is sad but I’m not sure that all this is taking place in Cali. When working on legislation to prevent this or informing the public, it is essential to fact check and make sure that everything is correct in order to have a strong case.

  24. Larry (Lawrence) Schorno, Yelm Wa., claims to be the designer of the three colt boxes for flight by Fed Ex out of Seattle. It’s been documented that the boxes with the colts in them have set on the tarmac for up to 20 hours, then another 20 hours of flight, they can’t even lift their tails. Schorno has been at it for a couple of decades now, and probably receives subsides.
    He’s hard to get information on, his niece Cindy Schorno of Yelm, has a fb page, she owns her own real state business and claims to be an auctioneer, of what she does’nt say.
    He keeps several hundred colts in his back property, away from view, quite a plush home and front property I heard from a resident of Yelm, but not so good for the colts. Schorno had a woman who would gather for him using false pretenses, and would purchase pmu colts from CAN, this where the majority of the poor colts come from, I don’t know if she’s still working for him or not.

    • I am too. I refuse to support a country that has taken so many of our jobs away. Now they are taking our horses, and they are using their huge shipping containers that they send the products “Made in Japan” to ship our hay back to Japan, leaving us less to provide for our horses. Farmers are selling to them because they are paying good prices for hay, for horses, and meanwhile people here are left with fewer jobs, inability to afford the horses we love and we are watching our lifestyle and everything we love be raped and treated like crap. We have to honor other cultures, but they don’t give a damn that they are killing and eating our beloved horses. Yes, I am pissed off.


  26. The treatment of these horses are cruel and inhuman, not to mention immortal. Stop the shipping of horses for slaughter.

  27. The saddest thing about all of this, and we know this, is that the slaughter of American horses is a result of our own actions. Americans can stop this by changing the way we treat our horses. Stop exploiting, mass-producing, selling like they are recreational vehicles and treat them like the loving, living beings they are. They need nourishment, shelter, care, training, our love and protection. The cause is clear, the effect is that opportunistic people have found a market for the horses that America has failed. Even worse, many Americans are now making excuses for this pathetic behavior and supporting the slaughter and profit off horses that were once our precious family pets. Others are too inconvenienced to acknowledge that we have turned on the animal that we love. People have become vultures. Disgusting.

  28. What kind of people make these decisions to slaughter these horses like this??? Why can they euthanise them humanley?? Monsters are running these plants!!

  29. Money controls everything even the raising of these babies to eat. At least our country should be an example that we are not going to be involved in this disgusting practice. May karma fall on the breeders for their lack of character.

  30. Saving America’s Wild Horses

    With drumming hooves, they come running.
    With tails flagged high, they come running,
    With flowing manes, they come running.
    With flared nostrils, they come running.

    Oh, what a glorious sight!

    Clouds of prairie dust mark their passing.
    The scent of crushed sage comes drifting.
    Glistening hides in sunlight, reflecting.
    Separated mares and exhausted foals nickering.

    Oh, what a careening flight!

    What would cause this reckless running?
    Over rocky hills, unshod hooves come crashing.
    Older horses lose their footing
    Lathered sweat whitely spraying.

    Oh, what a panicked flight!

    Exhausted, on splayed legs, with sides heaving
    Too spent to nicker at their mothers’ leaving
    Foals collapse, roiling dust enshrouding
    From the chopper blades’ wild whirling.

    Oh, what a tragic flight!

    The strong ones lead, the rest conforming
    As they heed the fences’ hazing
    Into the catch pens’ terminating
    Rails forcing a bewildered milling.

    Oh, what an end to their flight!

    Looking for lost foals, mares pacing
    Bloated bags with warm milk dripping
    A mute and painful weeping
    O’er the Truth so horrifying.

    Innocence, a victim of their flight.

    Stallions answer Nature’s calling
    Rearing, striking, biting, screaming
    Close-quarter conflicts inciting
    Instinctive challenges contesting

    The bloody purpose of their flight.

    Growing herds expanded grazing
    Might harm the desert tortoise feeding
    Politicians paid for by Big Oil, Big Mining
    Approved detailed plans for exterminating.

    Greed, the “No Exit” signage of their flight.

    Some spend months in metal pens confining
    Forgotten, rains ease their frantic thirsting
    Thousand rib and hip bones testifying
    Slow starvation caused their dying.

    Human error the Reaper’s demise of their flight.

    Too few selected for public adopting
    Wild Horse Protection Act ignoring
    Auctioned prices climbing, ever rising
    The “Killer Man” nods and ends the bidding.

    One final sorting changes the nature of their flight.

    Steel trailers travel south to border crossings
    Squeezed into plywood crates, foreboding
    Bewildered captives endure hours of flying
    No hay or water to ease their silent suffering.

    Japan’s slaughter houses, the destination of their flight.

    Electric prods keep dazed mustangs moving
    On slimy steel, hooves slipping, horses falling
    They’re lined up, wild eyed with nostrils snorting
    At the stench of filth and hot blood flowing.

    The Kill Box, the vile termination of their flight.

    Spinal cords severed by Ice-pick stabbings
    Strong legs collapse to the sounds of groaning
    Hind legs wrapped in chains are lifting
    Through cut throats, life’s blood is draining

    Can glazed eyes see their souls take flight?

    Wild burros, horses, mules trapped for Federal culling
    Race horses, ponies, trotters too old for sports or breeding
    Loyalty, trust unnoticed in the equine steaks now steaming
    As patrons of foreign dining enjoy their gourmet gorging.

    Ignorant of the bloody, heinous outcome of their flight.

    Horses carried men in battle, no beribboned medal dying,
    Pulled prairie schooners across the plains unending
    Built railroads, carried mail, plowed fields for planting
    In Arlington, proudly paraded veterans to their final resting.

    We must preserve, forever, the freedom of their flight.

    With drumming hooves, they come running.
    With tails flagged high, they come running,
    With flowing manes, they come running.
    With flared nostrils, they come running.

    Oh, what a thundering, glorious sight!
    © June 2, 2016 by Janice E. Mitich
    Picture Rock, AZ

    Permission is granted for the use of this poem to help raise awareness of the plight of horses, mules, and burros, wild and domesticated, however you must include my copyright information.

  31. Was hier gemacht wird ist absolut grausam. Die Pferde werden eingepfercht, können nicht stehen. Bekommen über 24 Stunden kein Wasser und nichts zu essen. Und am Ende warten die grausamem Asiaten. Sorry aber die Welt weis dass in diesen Ländern Tiere nich weniger wert sind und mehr gequält werden.
    Schämt euch. Geld macht nicht glücklich

  32. That is discusting, leave it to the Asians to think of another way to kill animals for their own stomach!!!! Somebody make this illegal!!!!’ 😂😂😂😂

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