Aerial Culling of Australia’s Wild Horses – Sign Petition Now.


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Australian governments are removing all Brumbies from National parks by several methods;  the cruelest method is aerial slaughter. The  frightened horses running for their lives, are shot from helicopters,  leaving the carcasses in place where they fall.

Animals wander around for days till dropping dead.  Babies die of thirst after their mother is killed.  Little ones break legs trying to run with the herd.  In Kosciusko they are sending them by truck 600 kms to slaughter babies and pregnant mares. The horses are hurt and scared then they face another grueling task of the sale yards, without the Australian public as a whole being aware.  In April 2011 300 + Brumbies are to be aerial culled in Carnarvon National Park Queensland.


HOOFS2010 Inc, WARNING SOME GRAPHIC IMAGES.  Every year our wild Brumbies are forced to suffer and shown little to no mercy, although this video is very sad it shows the true emotion of what is really happening.

Beautiful Video by Louise de Toit

Slaughtering horses for human consumption, or any other reason, is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE and we need to stand up all together against this atrocious practice before anymore horses are killed. Horses are exceptional creatures. The horse’s senses are generally SUPERIOR to those of a human. Studies have assessed equine intelligence in the realms of problem solving, learning speed, and knowledge retention. Results show that horses excel at simple learning, but also are able to solve advanced cognitive challenges that involve categorization and concept learning. Horses are prey animals with a strong fight-or-flight instinct. Their first response to threat is to startle and usually flee, although they will stand their ground and defend themselves when flight is not possible, or if their young are threatened. They also tend to be curious; when startled, they will often hesitate an instant to ascertain the cause of their fright, and may not always flee from something that they perceive as non-threatening.

A song written by Louise de Tout for the Wild Brumbies of Australia.

Beautiful Desert Brumbies…


26 thoughts on “Aerial Culling of Australia’s Wild Horses – Sign Petition Now.

  1. So what can we do to stop this barbaric practice ?are we still living in the dark ages? I thought we were supposed to be civilized ? apparently not ! I and my friends are doing all we can to raise money for rescueing horses , but it NEVER seems to be enough!
    I refuse to help with anymore people charities untill ALL humans learn to respect that animals have feelings!

  2. Just when you think the depth of human depravity cannot sink any lower you read about yet more cruelty towards beautiful, innocent animals! These killers MUST be stopped….in fact killers and torturers of ALL animals EVERYWHERE!

  3. This is horrifying! I condemn that these horses are killed, culled, destroyed! Horses are not for human consumption ever! All the imports of horses to Canada, Mexico and Europe should be stopped. Horses don’t deserve this! Not all animals should be eaten, they should be respected!

  4. why do some humans think that we are the only ones that have the right to occupy the earth..animals have as much right here as we have..we where put here to live in harmony with all…this is so very cruel…leave them alone to roam…mother earth is starting to fight back, and i hope all those that can’t live with nature gets the flick…

  5. The BLM are breaking all the laws. They are rounding up horses at times the law said they are now. They are sending them to slaughter because Bush signed the bill which must be taken out. They are inhumanely rounding them up hitting them with the choppers. They are making money off your TAX dollars. WAKE UP they need us more than ever our horses do.

  6. signed before they won’t allow me to sign again. The world is going crazy…I think people are just doing all this on there own….it’s like a sport. We must stop this and we can look what we did yesterday with our Horses no slaughter. Terrible this is Terrible

  7. Please, you must stop this terrible act of shooting brumbies from the air! How cruel, how barbaric, despicably inhumane! Horses are beautiful sensitive animals that band in families. Would you do this to your family? What kind of people are you?

    You can tell so much about a country, viewing how their animals are treated.
    See Ghandi’s quote ~ Surely there has to be a better way to live harmoniously with your wild horses. Any biologist/ecologist can tell you that horses benefit the lands in the diversity of nature, being they have a post-gastric system. Their manure reseeds the soil, unlike cattle which does not. All seed passes to become life again. Research Craig Downer’s writings & books on wild horses, USA.

    Horses viewed in the wild, enrich the human spirit. They deserve their life as much as you or I.

    I was considering a vacation in Australia, but will never give my tourist dollars here as long as this terrible practice continues. I don’t care how many fire opals you have, the lives of wild horses trump all material things. WIld horse protections is a huge issue in the USA right now, and the reality of what happens to the Brumbies, will be also in the minds of the millions now fighting for the protections of wild horses & burros here in the states.

    Please manage them in the wild, if managing must be. Consider birth control for the mares, to reduce the population explosion, but not to eradicate them by making non-viable herds completely. Don’t you have some scientists, ecologists, & biologists that can help in this matter? Is it really necessary to shoot them like this so inhumanely? Its a despicable way to control the populations. Please stop now. I am sure you will loose a huge base of tourism if you continue. Also, this is a very sinful practice, in which I feel you will have to answer for your actions sometime.

    Thank you for reading my comments,

    Cat Kindsfather

  8. For a civilised country i am totally disgusted . This must be drawn to the wider world so people can judge you accordantly as you judge and massacre these beautiful intelligent beasts. Such evil scum.

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