Fax The Committee ~ They Hold the Power to DEfunding USDA Inspections For Horse Slaughter




CLICK HERE to send Free Faxes from your computer.  You do not need a fax machine, You do not need a credit card.

 Here are the Fax Numbers for the Full Senate Appropriations Committee.

  • Barbara Mikulski, Chairperson 202 224 8858.
  • Richard Shelby, Vice Chairman 202 224 3416
  • Mark Pryor 202 228 0908
  • Roy Blunt 202 224 8149
  • Diane Feinstein 202 228 3954
  • Jon Tester 202 224 8594
  • Tom Udall 202 228 3261
  • Jeff Merkley 202 228 3997
  • Tim Johnson 202 228 5765
  • Thad Cochran 202 224 9450
  • Mitch McConnell 202 224 2499
  • Susan Collins 202 224 2693
  • Jerry Moran 202 228 6966
  • John Hoeven 202 224 7999
  • Tom Harkin 202 224 9369


We have just received word that the senate will indeed be opening the 2013 Ag appropriations bill next week.

They are adopting the bill passed by the house that does not have the defunding language. The house did not open discussions and carried over the existing language.

It is very important that you contact Senator Mikulski and the subcommittee members and ask that the language defunding horse inspections be restored.

Please Fax NOW as next week may be too late.

13 thoughts on “Fax The Committee ~ They Hold the Power to DEfunding USDA Inspections For Horse Slaughter

  1. When you’re done faxing, how about tweeting?



    Why should our tax dollars be spent on meat we don’t eat, at no economic benefit to the USA? Prevent the problems the EU is facing with beef contaminated by horsemeat and pork. The EU’s food pipeline requirement of animal passports is not working! Animals not raised for slaughter should not be slaughtered for food and most if not all American horses slaughtered in Canada or Mexico, are not fit for human coNsumption. TRIM THE FAT!

  2. Dear God in heaven is not too happy. Horses were one of his best creations.
    Please, please don’t slaughter these beautiful animals.

  3. Ditto to the eating of animals… I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life, but I know MANY people in the last year who have stopped eating BEEF due to the horse-meat issue overseas, and now here. And these are hard-core carnivores. Thanks for all this info. It’s insane that this must be fought over, but fight we will.

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