Send an Automatic Letter to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack ~ Prevent Horse Slaughter




Advocates Opposing Horse Slaughter… This is a fast, easy action to take for Our Horses.

CLICK HERE to send an Automatic Letter to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack.

The Animal Welfare Institute applauds Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack for joining AWI and the majority of Americans who feel there are better, more humane, more responsible options for horses nearing the end of their lives or their careers than being slaughtered for meat.

Secretary Vilsack, while speaking with reporters earlier this week, called on Congress to come up with other ways for this country to handle aging horses than to slaughter them for meat for human consumption. Secretary Vilsack, a former governor of Iowa, noted that in his home state horses work with inmates in prisons, and that this helps prisoners acquire job skills for when they rejoin society.

An additional factor that weighs heavily in favor of Secretary Vilsack’s call for humane alternatives is the federal government’s growing budgetary crisis. If the Department of Agriculture were to resume inspection of horse slaughter facilities—something it has not done for several years—the department would be forced to divert limited manpower and funding in order to finance the effort because Congress did not provide additional funding when it removed the annual prohibition on inspecting these facilities.  The timing could not be worse, given the current congressional emphasis on shrinking, not expanding, government expenditures.

“A recent national survey found that over 80 percent of Americans support a ban on horse slaughter and Secretary Vilsack is right in representing that position,” said Heyde. “AWI urges everyone who supports an end to horse slaughter in favor of more humane and responsible alternatives to write Secretary Vilsack and urge him to work with Congress on passage of the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act.”

Please share this AWI eAlert with family, friends and coworkers, and encourage them to write too. As always, thank you for your help; your action does make a difference!

15 thoughts on “Send an Automatic Letter to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack ~ Prevent Horse Slaughter

  1. Stop slaughtering horses! They are compassionate animals. Have a heart and soul! If you have ever had a horse as a companion you would change you deadly intentions. Too much evil in this world. Would you slaughter your life companion?

  2. Done and shared!!! Horses have done so much for us now we NEED to do something for them!! We have to keep the pressure on !! It is working but we have to stay on it!! Members of Congress are swayed way too much by their
    many land grabbing constituents that want nothing more than to wipe out America’s wild horse population!!

  3. America does not want to consume horses…..we love our PETS… slaughter is not humane nor a civil act…it’s a corrupt and .criminal act…..there is not a good enough reason on this earth to inflict such pain and suffering on any living being…we have vets to end an animals life humanely…thank you

  4. Secretary Vilsack has just submitted the 2014 budget proposal for the USDA and it includes defunding USDA inspections of horse slaughter plants! He actually DID it.

    Please write and thank him for following through on his words. Finally, someone who WALKS the TALK!

  5. This is OUR Government and President who see nothing but profits, and just saw a commercial for land in New Mexico where slaughter has been going on..they don’t want these horses that has served man from the beginning of time….because.. they make $$$ on the land they sell… and the horse meat they are poisoning the world with.. Shame on this Administration for NOT Stepping up and doing the right thing.. We will prevail., this is about selling open land., fracking, and poisoning our water…for all wildlife.

    • There are NO horses being slaughtered on American soil! Where the heck did you get this? That’s what the defunding of the USDA inspections is all about – keeping it out of the US. Secretary Vilsack and President Obama are both supporting this. There is NO horse slaughter plants in the US. Period.

  6. If you want to really understand the out cry against this horrific act, just Google it. Look at the hellish images of horses suffering in the holding pens and the failed attempts at slaughter. The horse standing there after its eye is hanging down on its face. Just look…PLEASE.

  7. We are nearing the slaughter of 200,000 horses so far right here in the good ole USA and in the most inhumane way.. Enough of the killing that should never have started..This is not how WE treat the very animals that was our transportation before the car,plowed our fields for food and went into battle in wars and died for us.. hell of a way to say thanks. This is not America.. not the America I once knew. Please stop the Slaughter,

    • We are NOT slaughtering horses on US soil! NONE of the proposed plants have even been inspected, let alone permitted to start operations. Those 2000,000 are the ones that have been shipped to Mexico and Canada for slaughter. It did NOT happen in the US! You all have to get your ducks in a row a LOT better than this. You’ll do far more harm than good spouting off stuff that’s not factual. If you can’t get yourselves informed better than this, PLEASE just keep quiet.

  8. stop horse slaughter it disgusting a cruel how can human kind do this to these amazing creatures and yet torture them while doing so. these animals are our pets!! if you had a animal attached to you would not think about killing it stop horse slaughter!

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