Horse Found With Throat Slit, Tongue Removed for Meat ~ Call Senator Marco Rubio Now




LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. – A horse was found slaughtered in the northwest area of  Loxahatchee on Monday night, according to Palm Beach County Animal Care &  Control.

The remains of the slaughtered horse were inside garbage bags in a canal near  180th Avenue and 32nd Street, officials said.

Investigators say the slaughtered horse appears to be less that  twelve-years-old.

“We hoped we would never see this in Palm Beach County and this is really the  first time we’re seeing something like this here,” Animal Care and Control  Director Dianne Sauve said.

The throat of the horse was cut, according to animal control officials.   They also said the meat was removed from dominant areas of the horse, including  the tongue.

“You have to wonder… did this horse belong to someone? Did a horse go  missing and no one reported it? Did no one care whether this horse was missing?  Or was this horse raised for this purpose,” Sauve said.

Sauve says she is concerned there could be an underground black market for  horse meat.

“It is very secretive. It is comprised of people who know each other and who  work together. It is very difficult, but not impossible to find people who are  involved,” Sauve said.

Authorities also found gloves inside the bag where the horse remains were  found.

Neighbors in the area were stunned.

“This is upsetting because you would think people who have horses out here  would take care of them and ride them… not dismember them and eat them,”  neighbor Brienne Walters said.

Anyone with information is urged to contact 1-800-458-TIPS or Palm Beach  County Animal Care & Control at 561-233-1200.

NewsChannel 5’s Brian Entin contributed to this report.

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  • Click HERE to contact FL Senator Marco Rubio asking him to Take Action Action on the Continuing Horse Slaughter Atrocities taking place in Florida on an on-going basis.  Phone: 202-224-3041
  • Anyone with information is urged to contact 1-800-458-TIPS or Palm Beach County  Animal Care & Control at 561-233-1200.
  • Click HERE to leave your comments, and support Our Advocate in Florida  ~  Kelly Blevins

16 thoughts on “Horse Found With Throat Slit, Tongue Removed for Meat ~ Call Senator Marco Rubio Now

  1. This is an ongoing problem in the State of Florida. But the last person to call is MARCO RUBIO! Has anyone checked his voting record on animal rights or bills that protect or help animals? His record sucks! Check yourself, he has only voted 20% of the time in favor of animal rights issues. I’ve been trying to get a commitment to support the Safeguard Americans Food Export Act since it was introduced in March,I’ve gotten the run-around since! His office along with Bill Nelson and BILIRAKIS are not animal friends. RUBIO’S TERM IS UP IN 2016, vote him out if you care about Florida and our animals.

  2. Senator Rubio,
    I am alarmed at the number of horses that are illegally slaughtered, most of which are stolen from their owners, in your state. The most recent incident, a mutilated horse found in a canal in Loxahatchee. Besides the fact that these are hideous crimes that go unprosecuted, horses are not food animals. The fact this horse was found in a canal is even more alarming when you consider the contamination factor.
    I know that Richard Couto and A.R.M. have investigated many of these crimes and gathered evidence but prosecutions are non-existent. Couto has found in an unincorporated neighborhood of South Florida’s Miami-Dade County known as the C-9 Basin, illegal slaughterhouses are so ubiquitous that they’ve become a cottage industry, even supplying customers with horse meat.
    Since it is a felony to slaughter horses and sell horse flesh for consumption, these cases need to be pursued more aggressively and the criminals made an example of with severe punishment. Until stronger action is taken against this criminal element in Florida, no horse or horse owner is safe in your state and these heinous crimes will continue to spread throughout the state.
    I am a responsible horse owner considering moving to your state, until these illegal slaughters and thefts are stopped, I can not make that move and live in fear that my horses will be stolen and mutilated. I’m sure many horse owners in Florida are extremely concerned about these ongoing and increasing crimes.
    Please step up prosecutions and rid your state of these felony criminals.
    Lisa Norman
    U.S. Citizen

    • Thanks Lisa… Please click on the Contact Link in the Alert to send the message to Senator Rubio… He might not be subscribed to this blog. Thank You.

    • Dat de mens zich niet schaamt ..wanneer wordt er eens humaan met dieren omgegaan ?? De toenemende criminaliteit.viert hoogtij,dat moet stoppen .Daarom moet er een wet komen voor strengere straffen .

  3. Hideous!!!! Underground horse slaughter and other animals is rampant in Florida you’d think by now they’d have this under control since it is illegal to have horse slaughter plants. Somebody is allowing this black market to survive..

  4. One of the reasons its still going on is the little hidden farms in Florida that raise animals to illegally slaughter including horses to sell to the illegal population and all of the immigrants from the islands that lives in Florida now. From what I understood a few years ago the law was trying to shut these places down because the slaughtering is not only inhumane but the meat is not inspected and its being secretly sold to the public. One of the films I saw showed the bloody table covered with flies and the filthy knives used to cut up the meat. When meat is for sale word is spread by the butchers to the population that eats it. I thought at the time I wonder how many cases of food poisoning have these people come down with. But of course this is the way they did it where they came from.

    • this isn’t done just by Mexicans. There are plenty of Americans who do this too, it is just easier to blame others and that is what people count on. They won’t get caught as long as law enforcement is looking at a different group. Our culture anymore is of violence. The more blood, guts and pain inflicted the better people like it

  5. This is outrageously sadistic , the Blame falls on mankind’s gluttony greed and evil heart and then the BLM, and stupid Europeans, Japs & Asians! I hope anyone who was involved with this horrific animal’s suffering death and slaughter get repaid 100 fold of suffering, illness and poverty! Proverbs 11:17 may you get this you dirty heartless bastards!
    The fact is this government has done nothing to stop the perverted animal abuses in this country! It is way past the time to get serious with laws & punishments fines and prison terms to all those who abuse, torment, neglect, torture and kill any animal. They suffer enough at the cruel hearts and hands of mankind in Laboratory, rodeos, circus acts, races, puppy mills, fighting rings, crush videos, sadistic pranks by kids and gangs, movie makers like Hollywood , slaughter houses, farms, transportations and on and on. Stop the cruelty of humans to animals now! Get Serious with this ugly serious horrific act!

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