Craig Downer ~ The Wild Horse Conspiracy




Proudly announcing a pivotal new book about America’s wild horses and burros:


This stirring and amply illustrated 300-page book, researched and written over the course of four years and published in January 2012, fully justifies the existence of America’s magnificent wild horses and burros while countering the biased machinations against them. Written by a wildlife ecologist who grew up observing these free-roaming animals, it presents new evidence for their evolution in North America and describes their major positive contributions to the soil, plants, other animals and humans. Despite being true restorers of the continent’s ecosystem, the western mustangs have for centuries been unfairly targeted for elimination. Considering their major help to humanity, it is all the more unjust to blame them for the ecological problems humans have caused. As always, the wild ones now stand ready to help us do the hard work so desperately needed to restore our shared home.

In The Wild Horse Conspiracy, the author shares, in vivid detail, his 40 years of personal experiences with the West’s diverse, colorful horse and burro herds, which he has dedicated himself to preserving. He explains that even though these creatures are protected under the 41-year-old Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act, the law is being disregarded by the very agencies charged with enforcing it. Thus, writes Downer, a strategy designed to reverse the schemes that are causing their demise is desperately needed – now.  In one chapter, Downer lays out a Reserve Design as a way of establishing self-stabilizing populations of wild horses and burros. Elsewhere, he discusses the vital lesson humanity needs to learn from these equine paragons of nature: how to share the Earth freely with our fellow beings. Indeed, the book makes clear that if our horses and burros are not allowed to remain at viable levels in the wild – in their evolutionary cradle – it will be a tragic loss to the entire Earth, both ecologically and spiritually.

Downer, a Nevadan, has also studied the endangered mountain tapir and is president of the Andean Tapir Fund. He is a member of the IUCN Species Survival Commission, a board member of The Cloud Foundation, and the author of popular and scientific articles and books, including action plans for endangered species. He enjoys photographing nature and composing music and is proud companion of mustangs Lightning, a palomino stallion, and Princess Diane, a curly mare.

To order Craig’s groundbreaking book, send $25 (incl. taxes, shipping & handling) either to Andean Tapir Fund (tax-deductible) or to Craig C. Downer; both at P.O. Box 456, Minden, NV 89423-0456 USA. An enhanced offering of the book along with a CD entitled “Wild Horse Rhapsody” (45 minutes of original melodies by the author that describe mustang life in 13 medleys and are performed by gifted pianist Joanne Grauer) is available for $35. The CD may also be ordered separately for $15. You may use PayPal to purchase these at: Discounts for more than 5 books and/or 5 CDs are available from the author, who can be contacted at or at 775-901-2094. The book is also available directly from Amazon as a hard copy at  ~   or as an eBook in color or b & w at

CLICK HERE (after clicking, select OPTION 2. Craig Downer)  for Craig Downer’s, and Helen Madeleine’s radio interviews on Northstate Public Radio by Nancy Weigman, on March 22, 2013, defending the wild horses.  It reveals much of the Conspiracy against the wild horses ~ and what must be done to restore them.



5 thoughts on “Craig Downer ~ The Wild Horse Conspiracy

  1. Great job and so appreciate this and anticipate hearing from you all. A book can make a big difference in this life and world! It is a respectful way of bringing a better way forth, by just asking people to thoughtfully consider the fuller dimension, in this case, of the horses and burros and their rightful freedom. There was one mistake that should be corrected, however, and that is concerning the interview on Northstate Radio. The host was Nancy Weigman and the program was Nancy’s Bookshelf. Another wild horse advocate: Helen Madeleine was also interviewed alongside myself.

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