Foal Sushi Anyone? ~ Live Export of Horses from Canada to JAPAN (To Be Slaughtered)



Basashi or Horse Meat Sushi

While horses have become a gentle companion and even pets to many people in most countries of the world, they have become so much a part of the Japanese cuisine.

In Japan, people eat basashi or raw horse meat cut in thin slices.

Basashi appears pink and is affectionately called sakura, referring to the well-loved Japanese flower cherry blossoms that are also pink in color.

Horse meat has become so popular in Japan that many people eat it in izakaya, Japanese-style drinking restaurants that are everywhere the country.

It is eaten as yakiniku or barbecue, as an ice cream, as a dessert, and even has canned versions.


persianhorsesushi2Per Anti-Horse-Slaughter Advocate ~  FINALLY EXPOSED!!! It has been said that the Japanese prefer Draft Horse Meat, that they buy from specific ranchers/dealers who specifically raise them in California and else where for sale to the Japanese, they purchase about 700 of these foals a year, raise them like Kobe Beef and then sell the meat as an expensive delicacy.

Yes, Horse Slaughter is Illegal in California; however, TRANSPORT of Horses to Slaughter to any destination on the planet from California is not Illegal.  Another Anti-Horse-Slaughter Advocate says  If they are raising them for slaughter in CA, they can be prosecuted. Let’s do some research and find out WHICH Breeding Farms are raising these horses for Sushi, and if it is, indeed, illegal to transport out of state for slaughter.

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