Let’s Help All These Horses, Burros, and Sheep ~ with One Click



The horse pictured above is Warrior, a 27 year old mustang seized from an abuser 4 years ago. He has narcolepsy & was just miraculously pulled through a stroke with expert Veterinary care and TLC by Catherine Ritlaw.

Imagine being able to help feed, shelter, and provide veterinary care for this beautiful rescued horse, who is cared for by Catherine Ritlaw, at Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary, with just ONE CLICK and a VOTE. !!

Please click on this link http://www.eaglerarelife.com/content/catherine-ritlaw

Your Vote For Catherine Ritlaw will be appreciated.  The Grand Prize in the Eagle Rare Contest is $50,000, and that will go a long way in providing food, shelters, and veterinary care for the 26 rescued horses, burros, and sheep who live at Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary.